About me

I’m a 40-something millennial from Belgium. I work as a web dev (PHP).

In my free time, I’m into video games, nature photography, writing, pixel art, and whatever else I am obsessed with for a week, but mostly video games.

I’ve been on the internet since, uh, roughly 1998? And I pretty much immediately published my first website. It was called “Amaiweb”, and hosted my Microsoft Comic Chat characters.

It was the start of a beautiful decade of me designing websites in Photoshop, more rarely turning those designs into actual sites, and sometimes even updating them!

I was never much of a content producer.

After ten years, and many a ‘pixel dolls’, ‘dollmaker’, ‘portfolio’, ‘fanfiction’, ‘blog’, ‘character shrine’, ‘webcomic-that-got-three-pages-at-most’ sites, I kind of… dropped out? Which was also more than a decade ago because I’m an internet Grandma.

The internet changed in the meantime, with social media absorbing the tiny communities and fandoms I was into, while also removing the need for individual websites. And so I played video games instead.

I am so thrilled about discovering Neocities, the web revival and everything. Because I missed this kind of internet, a lot.