Photography - Insects

Orange tip. I swear.

The females do not have the orange tip. It's a scam.

Mining bee in her nest

Grey-backed mining bee at the entrance of her nest, possibly wondering if the human with a camera plans to ever leave.

I named this one "Gwen"

It was mightily displeased that this wasn't food.

Holly blue


Common blue

Common blues are my favorite butterflies. So pretty.


Chalcolestes viridis

Dragonfly / Damselfly observation tip: they patrol, and tend to return to the same landing spot. Observe the pattern and approach them slowly while crouching.



Fact: bees and bumblebees are incredibly chill while working. Get as close as you want. Boop them. They don't care. They have a job to do.


Bringing pollen to every flower everywhere.

Brown argus