It’s winter right now, and winter is awful.

I like taking pictures of bugs. I have limited skills as a photographer, so I need a specific combination of circumstances to take okay pictures match my aesthetic: a sunny day, that “15 minutes window of time” when the sun is at the right angle, pretty leaves, and bugs. The bugs are somewhat critical.

The wet Belgian winter has not been helpful.

Enter “Bug & Seek”

Title screen

Bug & Seek is a cute bug-catching / simulation game. You play as the new owner of the town of Buggburg’s insectarium, and endeavor to fill it with the insects you catch, while also:

  • investigating the mysterious robbery that happened before you arrived
  • filling up your codex
  • helping the residents by catching bugs for them
  • helping local children with their questionable pet choices.

Exactly what Steam needed to put in front of my face to guarantee a sale, in this wet Belgian winter.

The game

There are many bugs to catch (175+), which appear depending on the season, biome, time of the day, and type of hiding spot.

Catching a bug

They come with a little catchphrase—

Did I mention it’s pixel art? It’s pixel art, people.

Species discovered screen

Ahem. They come with funny little catchphrases, but also informative codex entries, which are a delight to read.

Warning: you might end up on the internet at two in the morning, investigating trivia such as “attended by ants for honeydew” and “burn their enemies alive”.


You also gradually enhance and decorate the insectarium, improve your catching skills — which allows you to catch rarer insects — and help build the university’s collection.


It’s cute, I love it. If you’re into insects, chances are you’ll like it too!