I’ve had the best bumblebee encounter in my life so far - a true Disney Princess moment - and I just wanted to share.

I was taking bug pics, because there’s sunlight in Belgium right now and I’m not about to waste it, and I was moving leaves and flowers to get better angles.

And this cutie climbed on my finger.

Behold, a cutie:

Bumblebee on a fingertip

It didn’t just climb there: it sat on my finger for more than twenty minutes. Just… Sleeping, or cleaning its legs and antennae. Totally unperturbed. I seriously thought something was wrong with it so, after the first ten minutes of bee sleep, I got up and tried to find it a nice little spot.

And that would be how many people taking a stroll got to meet a weirdo holding up a hand and carrying a bumblebee.

Bumblebee on a fingertip

The bumblebee was fine, by the way.

I offered it puddle-water-droplets, but it didn’t want those. I showed it every flower on the way in case it was exhausted and hungry, it didn’t want them.

Then I used my secret weapon, “that huge pot of lavender at the end of the trail”. I showed it the lavender (which is THE place to be for all bees around), and it immediately climbed on and started foraging and flying from stalk to stalk.

So, entirely fine, just lazy. I can relate.

Truly magical moment, 10/10, would taxi bees around again.